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K-12 Solutions

Technology in education is no longer a luxury. It is an integral part of a school's facilities, employees, and students' daily routine.

IT Solutions for K-12

Services & Solutions

Technology in education is no longer a luxury. It’s now an integral part of every school district and gives students, teachers, and staff the tools to succeed. But did you know managing and maintaining that infrastructure doesn’t have to be a full-time job?

PeggNet Computers offers end to end IT solutions to school districts of all sizes. Why hire a full-time engineer when you can work with PeggNet for a fraction of the cost and get amazing results? Our goal is to provide a 99% up time on learning so you can do what matters most: supporting your staff and their students.

Data Protection, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Who says system failure needs to stop day-to-day operations? Our K-12 solutions include an extensive set of steps to ensure that if there is ever a compromise in your technology, business as usual can continue. From our Hybrid Cloud, which acts as a restore hub for everything from files to applications, to our monitored backups and end-to-end encryption, PeggNet offers peace of mind in the event that a hack or system failure occurs.

IT Audits and Assessments

Concerned your school or school district is spending too many funds on ineffective IT solutions? Our engineers will work alongside school officials to do a comprehensive assessment of your IT infrastructure. From there, we will offer guidance and solutions to ensure that your school district is getting the most effective IT infrastructure setup for the cost.

Digital Network Architecture

Technology is at the core of all K-12 operations. Our team can design, deploy, and maintain network hardware to ensure that all networks continue to run smoothly. We’ll perform updates and upgrades as needed, configure monitors and routing, and any other network maintenance that needs to be done to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. Our goal is 99% up-time in student learning and maintaining networks is one way we get there.


In the day and age of hackings and data breaches, it’s now more important than ever to ensure your school’s IT infrastructure is secure. That’s where PeggNet comes in.

Every one of our specialists is Department of Education approved and specializes in K-12 solutions, so you can rest assured knowing that your IT infrastructure and data is safe in the event of an attempted hack or data breach.

Dependability. Security. Reliability.

You shouldn’t need to worry about your technology. That’s where we come in. Securing your k-12 technology investments has never been easier than with us. With our solutions, you can rest assured knowing your students, staff, devices, and infrastructure are secure and working.

Empower. Engage. Interact. Collaborate.

We offer solutions that maximize student achievement, empower teachers to innovate and engage in the classroom, and enable IT to effectively deploy and manage technology throughout a district. With our solutions, you and your staff enable learning anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Stay Connected.
Enrich Learning.

We can provide a roadmap for your school or school district to cut ties from stationary technology. Consult with the IT experts at PeggNet Computers to define the proper tech needs for your k-12 institution that allow you to create a learning experience relevant to the technological lifestyle of the New World Learner.