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Free Wi-Fi Scam

Someone sets up an open-access Wi-Fi hotspot in a high-traffic area such as a coffee shop or airport that’s connected to their laptop. Once you join, this person has access to your computer and mines it for financial and personal data.

Keep your devices safe by accessing the settings on your computer and phone and make sure your device does not automatically join open Wi-Fi networks. Turn on the option “Ask to join new networks.” Keep your Wi-Fi turned off unless you are actively using it. If you would like to join the Wi-Fi network at a business, ask an employee what the correct network name is before joining. If you are visiting a public place such as an airport, search the Web ahead of time to confirm the official Wi-Fi network’s name. Do not conduct financial transactions on any of these networks. If you travel frequently, invest in your own password-protected hotspot to carry with you.

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