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Fake Social Network Email Scam

How it works: This phishing scheme involves receiving a fraudulent email that looks like it came from your actual social network. It may say you have new, urgent notifications or that someone is erroneously trying to access your account and you need to sign in to verify information. Click on the link in the email and you are directed to a fake website. If you sign in on that page, scammers can then hack into your real account and steal your identity, sending out spam messages to your family and friends and using personal information to blackmail you.

How to avoid it: If there are notifications you need to see on your social network, visit that page directly by typing the Web address into the URL bar or opening the network’s app on your phone. Do not click on links that are emailed to you. And set up two-step verification on all of your accounts so that if someone tries to sign into your account from a non-trusted computer, you get a notification texted to you.

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